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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Your daily sunshine

Welcom every morning as a precious gift and joy.
Perform your usual warm up to maintain your healthy poise.
Look at the mirror and at yourself warmly.
say    'happy morning ' 
to yourself so that you can greet others sincerely.
Take that warmly shower accompanied with your voice of melodies so that you are refreshed physically and spiritually.
Start preparing the ingredients of sunshine of yourself and others
By taking a large potion of love and kindness and tossing in big chunks of patience and tolerance
patience with yourself and tolerance for  others.
Don't forget a pinch of humour and laughter to help digest dissapointment and all the wheels of your life
Mix well with a big mug of enthusiasm for work then cover with happy greetings and there you have it your daily sunshine for living and growing


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