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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Night At The Seaside

The night is silent,
I'm walking under the moon-light,
Finally,I reach the place,
Where I can see the sky,
stars glitter brightly with flashes of light,
There,I can hear the sound of waves
like music in a song
Yes,I'm just walking along the seaside.

It's a lonely night,
There are many light showing on the seaside,
I'm sitting on the beautiful land,
Thinking about the past and the future.
A moment,I hear a wind blow at the side,
It's cool,calm,free,comfortable,
such as I had never felt before.

At the side,
There is a group of youths,
Singging their lovely song,playing their games,
and guitar.
Yeh!!!That lovely music
I like it very much.
Time passes,The night will pass soon,
Now I can't hear any voice
Except the sound of the waves...

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